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Benchrest Competition

Group Shooting

Simply stated, the object is to put 5 shots through the same hole! While that has never been done, that is what a “group shooter” is trying to do.

They shoot off of sandbags, front and rear, and use 36x scopes. The rifles must be capable of shooting under ¼” groups in good conditions, if the shooter does his or her part. They have 7 minutes to shoot as many “sighters” as they wish, and, shoot a 5 shot group on the “record” target.

There are four classes:

  • Sporter Class: 10.5 lb, any scope, 6mm or larger.

  • Light Varmint Class: 10.5 pounds, any scope, any caliber.

  • Heavy Varmint Class: 13.5 pounds, any scope, any caliber.

  • Unrestricted Class: No weight limit, any scope, any caliber.

The 6PPC is the dominant cartridge in this sport.

Hunter Class

Hunter Class shooters shoot for score. They also shoot off sandbags, but are limited to 10 pound rifles and 6x scopes! 

They have 7 minutes to shoot unlimited “sighters”, and then shoot 1 shot at each of 5 “record” bulls. The 10 ring is ½”, and the 9 ring is 1”, and as long as you touch the ring, you get the higher score. Theoretically, if your rifle is capable of shooting around ¾” groups, you can hit the 10 ring on all sides. To be competitive in Custom Class, the rifle needs to shoot around or under .300”.

There are 2 classes: 

Factory and Custom, the Custom Class rifle is a NBRSA legal rifle as described in the rulebook and the Factory class is a class developed by our Club in order to get more shooters interested in competition and have the factory shooters compete with each other and is described below.  Factory competition is shot at 100 yards.

Since 2012 matches we have opened up the factory rifle description in order to accommodate more competitors.

(a) Stocks must not be over 2 1/4 inches wide and convex on all bottom surfaces of the stock and must be of a hunting style stock, not a Benchrest style stock.  The stock can be synthetic material or wood.

(b) No re-barreling or setting back a barrel is allowed.

(c) A factory barrel may be recrowned

(d) The action cannot be glued to the stock.

(e)  Bore diameter can be any caliber up to.338.

(f) Replacement triggers are allow but must be of a hunting weight of pull- no 2 ounce triggers allowed.

(g) Magazines shall not be required, but actions must be cut out for a magazine.

(h) Scopes must be 6X or less. Variables must be set and taped at 6X maximum.

(i) Falling Block/Rolling Block single shot rifles will be allowed in Factory Class competition.

(j) A Factory rifle cannot weigh more than 11 ½ pounds, including the scope. 


    600 Yard Bench Rest is fired at 600 yards, using our club's pits and moving target carriers.  These matches are governed by IBS rules. 

    IBS Rules will be enforced. Each Class shoots four (4) targets of five (5) shots for record, scored for both group size and total points. Entry fee is $20 to shoot one Class, $35 for both. Entry will be limited to two (2) relays of twenty (20) shooters each (40 Competitors). Pre-registration is required for bench reservation. Competitors are required to provide/perform pit duty (you or a substitute). Eye/Ear protection is required on the firing line and recommended for pit duty. Bolts shall be removed from all rifles at all times, except when the appropriate range commands are given (other type actions shall be kept open). No self-loading rifles.

    Personal wind flags are allowed, but must be placed by 8:00 a.m., the range is equipped with high-power wind flags. The firing line will be open for sight-in for registered competitors from 8:15-8:45 a.m. (sign up before you shoot!). Most high power rifles will need around 12-18 MOA UP from their 100 yard zeros, so try to check your ballistics charts and scope/sights before match day to make sure that you will have enough UP available.

    IBS Light Gun and BRRC Factory Gun Classes will be shot concurrently beginning at 9:00 a.m.
    Short lunch break following LG/FG (Hot lunch will be available).
    Heavy Gun Class will shoot after lunch (your LG/FG is legal if it doesn’t have a muzzle brake).

    Course of fire (each Class).
    When your relay is called to the line, bring enough loaded ammunition to shoot two targets plus sighters:
    Six (6) minutes for unlimited sighters, each shot is spotted by pit crew.
    Ten (10) minutes to fire five (5) record shots (NOT spotted - target frames remain UP).
    Pit removes first target and places second target.
    One (1) minute allowed for one (1) spotted sighter.
    Ten (10) minutes to fire five (5) shots for score.
    Relay/pit switch and repeat for second relay.
    Repeat above for second set of two targets to complete the course of fire for the Class.

    The Guns
    IBS Heavy Gun Class. There are no restrictions for the rifle being used as to weight or sights; caliber is restricted to .40 or less. Muzzle brakes are not allowed. Rifles are fired utilizing sand bag front rests which may be supported on a pedestal that does not co-act with the sand bag to restrict upward and/or rearward movement, and a rear rest comprised of a sand bag which may be attached to a pedestal and that supports the rifle between the rear of the pistol grip and the toe of the butt stock.

    IBS Light Gun Class. Guns shooting in the light gun class weigh no more than 17 pounds, including scope or other sighting devices. The rear rest must not be mechanical in nature. Bunny ear type or similar bags are acceptable. Muzzle brakes may be used, but they may not be of a “clamshell” type or any other design that exits gases to the rear.

    BRRC Factory Gun Class. Same as IBS Light Gun except that weight may be no more than 15 pounds, and it must have factory action, barrel, stock and trigger. Production “Target” and “Varmint” models are allowed, as well as basic accurizing (pillar bedding, re-crowning, lapped lugs, and trigger jobs). No factory “Custom” guns like the Remington 40X, no tight necks, and no wildcat or improved chambers.

    The rules are broad enough that most all hunting, varmint, target and competition rifles (e.g., Hunter BR, HP Silhouette, F-Class, Tactical, Varmint BR – except “Rail” guns) are legal for at least one class.

    Complete IBS rules, last year’s match results and equipment lists are all available on the IBS website:

    Please call 636/274-4493 for entry form and further information, and be sure to leave your name and phone number if you leave a message.


    ARA (American Rimfire Association) rules are very simple: as long as it is safe, “anything goes”.  Rules allow any scope power, and 22 RF ammunition only. (No .17 cal. ammo.)

    ARA scores “worst edge”, and RBA scores “best edge”, similar to hunter class. ARA rules are very simple: as long as it is safe, “anything goes”.  RBA has Classes, but most any 10.5 rifle will be fine. Both games allow any scope power, and 22 RF ammunition only. (No .17 cal. ammo.)